MF Wine produces handmade, thoughtfully crafted wines with a sense of place that expresses the quality and purity of subregions through single vineyard expressions. 

I'm Mark! I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades tasting wine everyday. I’m a wine buyer - I’ve travelled the wine world and experienced the good and the bad of what the industry has to offer. And more often than not, handcrafted, authentic wines stand out for their quality and value. They are undiscovered gems vying for their time in the spotlight - and when you find them, it is truly exciting and memorable. I have always been a champion of wine sub-regions and telling the story behind the brand and wine. My experience has seen that this leads to genuine interest, and when wineries do it well, success.

I have always wanted to make my own boutique wine. In 2022, there was an opportunity to buy some quality grapes from a vineyard in the Barossa. And so MF Wine was born. I want to help people experience the enjoyment of discovering something new - and use my personal and professional palate to craft unique, modern, layered wines that I like to drink.

The range is finite. I want to live within the means of production, and go against the industry norm of making more and constantly seeking growth via volume.

Serious wines. Fun juice. When you know, you know.